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Who am I

My name is Patrick Seán Cullen, and I’m a digital project manager who also has 5+ years building unique websites, e-commerce shops, and providing hosting services for private consumers and small to medium sized businesses. I’m passionate and proactive with a holistic problem-solving mindset, and thrive when I lead teams through complexity.

My story began during a sweltering heatwave in August of 1993 in Dublin, Ireland. Since then I’ve lived in the UK, Australia, the US, Australia, and Ukraine, and I’m currently based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve worked with teams all over the world and have a knack for intercultural communication. This background means that I rapidly adapt to organizational structures and cultures to build and manage the necessary relationships to get things done.

My passions and interests

I love new cultural experiences and traveling, films and TV shows, and nerding out about a wide variety different topics and subjects. I  play old video games occasionally, and get stuck in works of fact or fiction. Currently I’m professionally interested in digital transformations, architecture, change management and leadeership, as well as agile project management methodologies. 

Professional Background

I have a cross-functional background in sales, customer service, research and project management. While I seek IT project management roles and contracts, I also provide IT outsourcing services, development of websites and e-commerce shops, and web hosting services.

Sectors I've worked with

  • Food and drink 
  • E-Commerce
  • Maritime
  • Retail 
  • Cosmetics and skincare 
  • Clothing 
  •  SaaS
  • Publishing 
  • Postal services
  • NGO and development 

Feel free to visit my LinkedIn for more deets on my professional background, and add me to your network.

What I Do

Project Management

Strategic project planning, task management, stakeholder management, reporting and documentation. 

Web Development and Hosting

End to end WordPress CMS development and design, webshops (WooCommerce & Shopify), Web hosting and management services. 

Research and Analysis

Surveys and interviews, competitive analysis, qualitative and quantitative market research, product research, SWOT analysis. Website performance analysis in regards to SEO, speed, competition, and traffic

Education and Certificates

B.sc. Business Studies and International Studies │ 2020 │ Roskilde University

Bachelor of Science; Roskilde University

Thesis: Patrimonial Governance and Informal Relations in Freetown (Sierra Leone) (2020)

My background and experiences led to international social sciences being the best fit for my university pursuits. I pursued a dual track degree because on one hand I was really interested in business, the theoretical and practical aspects of organizations. On  the other hand, I was also interested in the global, political, and economic aspects of international studies, and could see how the two tracks were interrelated.

Strong interests: legal, economic, and administrative functions of business entities, holding structures, business models, marketing, entrepreneurship, informal networks, international relations, development and governance, corruption.

Master of Science; Roskilde University

Master thesis: Social Enterprise as a Viable Force in Disaster Management: A case study of Wartime Ukraine (2022)

Building on my undergrad and inspired by my bachelor thesis, I was interested in this program because I wanted to learn new ways of doing business and addressing societal issues. I now strongly believe that social entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships are key to solving a number of issues, as well as strengthening sustainability on the 3 pillars of social, economic and environmental. 

Strong interests: leadership and management, mission drift and up-scaling of hybrid organizations, social enterprises (SE’s), activism and social movements (in physical and digital spheres), CSR, ESG and social accounting, veteran oriented SE’s, disaster management. 



Social Enterprise as a Viable Force for Disaster Management: A case study in wartime Ukraine (2022)

Masters Thesis - Roskilde University

This exploratory case study sought to investigate the viability of of social enterprise and in disaster management in Ukraine immediately after Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion. It reveals insights into the resource-mix of social enterprises, and how they work with  internally displaced people (IDP’s), and humanitarian and military impact .  It  concludes with a call to action and several recommendations for Ukraine’s National Recovery Plan.

Patrick Sean Cullen

Patrimonial Relations & Informal Networks in Freetown (2020)

Bachelor Thesis - Roskilde University

Immersive ethnographic case study conducted in Freetown, Sierra Leone which investigated governance and informal networks from a micro-level perspective. It demonstrated how this system permeates the society at all levels from the disenfranchised youth to the offices of government, while leaving the large youth demographic with few future prospects.


Patrick Sean Cullen
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